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Dental Crowns In Delhi

Dental Crowns & Bridges

High-quality crowns just like a natural tooth.

Our custom Dental Crowns In Delhi and dental bridges are crafted from the highest quality and aesthetic materials. Our ceramic dental crowns blend in perfectly with your smile for a natural appearance that’s functional too or if you need to replace missing teeth, the same type of design options are available when it comes to the types of dental bridges we provide. WHY DO YOU NEED A CROWN? The most common reasons for a crown involve supporting the integrity of the tooth structure, though crowns may be used for cosmetic improvement, too. Crowns are recommended in instances where a tooth cannot structurally withstand normal, everyday wear. You may need a crown if your tooth is: • Broken or cracked from impact • Decaying or severely discoloured due to poor dental hygiene • Missing large portions or absent after being removed • Worn down at the cusps and no longer sharp CERAMIC DENTAL CROWNS All ceramic dental crowns provide: ➢ Natural appearance and colour that is amazingly lifelike and unsurpassed by any other type of crown. ➢ Gives a lustrous, glistening optical quality of a natural tooth. CERAMIC DENTAL BRIDGE (for Missing Tooth) Dental bridges are used to fill in the “teeth gap” created by a missing tooth. ➢ A fixed dental bridge almost looks like 3-4 crowns in a row, but only the ones on either end will fit over a tooth or dental implant. ➢ Bridges are used for replacing a missing tooth or pair of teeth. They require a healthy natural tooth on either end for support. METAL CROWNS Gold, nickel, nickel-free, and chromium are the most popular among metal crowns. ➢ Last a lifetime, are rock-solid ➢ Capable of bearing the biting and chewing pressure.


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