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Invisalign Treatment in Delhi

Invisalign Treatment in Delhi

One of the most popular types of orthodontic braces for adults.

Invisalign Treatment in Delhi : Invisalign Aligners (Invisible Clear Aligners) are a type of transparent braces and are made of aligners instead of fixed bracket and wire braces. ➢ Invisalign braces provides an invisible orthodontic alternative to traditional metal appliances. ➢ With Invisalign clear aligners, you simply wear your transparent trays as directed. ➢ Each set of aligners moves your teeth into the desired position. You change the clear trays out every one to two weeks to continue your tooth movement. ➢ The entire Invisalign system is founded on virtual 3D technology that digitally “moves” your teeth within a special software program. 5. Then a series of trays are printed to gently and gradually bring your teeth into an overall alignment. Invisible clear braces that use aligners, such as Invisalign, provide patients with advantages like: • Virtually clear aligners • No diet restrictions • Fewer trips to the dental office • Comfortable treatment and easy home care Removing transparent trays during meals allows you to brush and floss like normal. Invisalign is easy to care for, so the trays don’t have to interfere with your typical daily routine. BENEFITS • Painless and easy to clean • It will not affect your social life as they are invisible and can be removed for occasions • Advanced 3D technology that plans the entire treatment and results in advance HOW DOES IT WORK ➢ Your first visit will be where we will do a quick scan of your teeth. We will then use a special 3D simulation software to show you how your teeth will look after they are aligned. We will also provide you with different treatment options and types of Invisalign and the costs. ➢ We will then take photographs and X-rays for proper diagnosis and design of your smile. ➢ On receiving the aligners, we will train you on how to wear them and maintain your teeth and the aligners during the treatment. You will visit us for regular check-ups with the Orthodontists when additional aligners will be given and your treatment progress will be monitored.


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