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Pediatric Dentistry In Delhi

Highly qualified, our dentists treat your child’s teeth, mouth and gum issues with tender care.

Our experienced dentists and staff are gentle, friendly, and ready to see kids of all ages. We provide dental care to infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers. EXAMINATION ➢ Routine evaluations monitor your child’s oral development and allow us to pinpoint concerns when they’re smaller and easier to address. ➢ We recommend an exam at least twice a year beginning at age 1. ORTHODONTIC EVALUATIONS ➢ We assess your child’s oral development, jaw anatomy, and eruption patterns to pinpoint concerns that might develop into problematic issues once they get older. DENTAL CLEANINGS ➢ Preventative cleanings every six months keep your child’s smile fresh and clean. ➢ We will educate your child on ways to care for their teeth and gums between checkups. FLUORIDE TREATMENT ➢ A professional fluoride treatment after your child’s cleaning helps remineralise weak enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay and sensitivity. PROTECTIVE SEALANTS ➢ Dental sealants are preventative covers that block out cavity-causing bacteria in the deep grooves on back teeth. ➢ A sealant only takes a couple of minutes to apply; we recommend them on all permanent (adult) molars, which erupt around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively. DENTAL FILLINGS ➢ Primary (baby) teeth can decay at accelerated rates, allowing the cavity to spread into the nerve or adjacent teeth. ➢ Our conservative white fillings repair the area of damage and help stop the spread of infection. ➢ Composite fillings are both mercury-free and attractive. CROWNS ➢ Protective crowns preserve compromised, broken, or badly decayed teeth and prevent premature tooth loss. ➢ We provide stainless steel crowns and tooth coloured zirconia crowns for our pediatric patients. PULPOTOMIES ➢ An abscessed tooth can be extremely painful and a risk to your child’s health. ➢ We provide pulpotomy therapy - removal of deceased pulp to give your child a painless experience. EXTRACTIONS ➢ Non-restorable teeth can be gently extracted and a special appliance placed to prevent crowding or blockage to the underlying adult tooth.


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