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Root Canal Treatment in delhi

Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

We perform hundreds procedures with only motorised root canal treatment.

If you have a dying tooth or infected dental nerve, root canal treatment in delhi is typically the only way to preserve your tooth. Instead of removing and replacing it, you can extend the function of your tooth by restoring it from the inside. You might almost think about root canal treatment like a filling that extends deeper into the tooth. It fills the empty nerve chambers down the length of the roots, as opposed to just an opening caused by decay. WHEN IS ROOT CANAL TREATMENT REQUIRED? ➢ A crack, break or cavity in a tooth can make it more susceptible to sticking of food particles. ➢ The presence of sticky food particles on the tooth and the exposed tooth portion invites various bacterias to act on it. ➢ This cavity, if not treated, can lead to further sticking of food on the damaged tooth, developing a deeper cavity- which leads to exposing the pulp or nerve tissue. ➢ Once this pulp is damaged or exposed, it breaks down. ➢ This further accelerates the growth of bacteria in the pulp chamber, causing an infection or abscessed tooth. An abscess refers to a pocket filled with pus that forms at the end of the tooth’s roots. ➢ Therefore, people who experience severe pain due to this pus and pain require a root canal treatment. SYMPTOMS • A dental abscess • Decay that extends into the nerve • Past trauma, resulting in tooth death • Chronic dental pain • Deep cracks or fractured roots • Significant discolouration, due to tooth death THE PROCEDURE ➢ During root canal treatment, we gently numb your tooth to prevent any sensations or stimuli during the appointment. ➢ From there, the nerve chambers are accessed and the tissues inside of them are removed. ➢ We use our dental microscope to thoroughly oversee the cleaning inside of each canal. Next, the tooth is filled to seal out any new bacteria. ➢ The overall process typically requires one appointment, followed by a dental crown.


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